Soul Collage

What is SoulCollage?


SoulCollage® is a process for accessing your intuition and creating an incredible deck of cards with deep personal meaning that will help guide you with life’s questions and transitions.
People are dying to be creative and they don’t think that they can. The SoulCollage process gently guides the soul through a process of self-expression and opening to the many facets that make up a human being. You can create a piece of art without being a painter – you just have to be willing to reveal your soul through the images.

It’s a creative process that leads you back to yourself.

SoulCollage cards are beautiful, fun to make, and bring us surprisingly useful insights about ourselves and our lives.

  • Images that you are drawn to gather from magazines will speak to parts of yourself, parts of your family and community, parts that connect with universal principles, and parts that connect with the animal kingdom.

  • These images will then be glued down on matboard, making beautiful SoulCollage cards, creating a personal deck for accessing your inner wisdom. The four suits in this deck will come to represent different parts of your life.

  • You will come away with the beginnings of a unique deck of your own. You will learn how to ask the images about your life, and you will discover how the cards can help you to access the intuitive wisdom you have for yourself.

Anyone can do this (you don’t have to be an ‘artist’). You will learn how to read your own cards, reflecting your soul’s guidance for personal growth.

  • Would you like to experience a guided imagery to inspire you to create a SoulCollage card?

  • Would you like to take time in a nurturing environment to make and share cards?

  • Would you like to dialogue with and deepen your connection with the SoulCollage cards?
  • Would you like to learn more about doing readings with your cards?

Then come to this workshop to nurture your soul, be inspired, feel creative, & have fun!

So please call me or text me at (203) 648-0066, or email to set up a free 15-minute consultation to learn how you can sign up for a workshop and begin the creative process of SoulCollage.

Thank you,
Dana M.