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What is Archetypal Dreamwork?

Do you dream? Do you want to learn about the deeper meaning of your dreams, their profound mystery, and how they inform your life? Are you ready to blaze a new frontier into the Dreamscape? Through the process of Archetypal Dreamwork, the dreams help you to see what is blocking you from a deeper connection with yourself. Ultimately our Dreams come to ‘wake us up’ and to bring us into a meaningful connection with our soul.
As a Dream Analyst, I continue my own personal Dreamwork with the visionary founder of Archetypal Dreamwork, Marc Bregman. I remain under his supervision and tutelage in working with my clients. If you want to learn more about Archetypal Dreamwork, please visit

So please call me or text me at (203) 648-0066, or email to set up a free 15-minute consultation to learn about the healing benefits of poetry therapy.

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